The Stinson 10 was donated to the squadron by one of our members, Cy DeBolt, shortly before his death. He had planned for many years to restore the plane and had it hanging, in parts, in his barn.

Our crew hauled it to the hangar and spent many years restoring it to its 1940 beauty. The Stinson was a very advanced plane for that era and had features not found in other planes its size for another 15 years.

The Stinson 10 and other planes were drafted into the Armed Forces during WWII.

About 600 of these planes were ordered by France but when France fell the planes were picked up by Canada and The Royal Air Force.

Many of those that were owned by civilians were used by the Civil Air Patrol to guard our coastline in the early part of the war.

The HAS restoration crew has done a magnificent job,in  not only creating a great museum piece but also a plane that the pilots love to fly.

There are only a handful of these in museums.