At the present time, a Folland Gnat/HAL Ajeet is restored to static display in our hangar. The Gnat was manufactured by the Folland  Company at the request of The Royal Air Force.

Folland was taken over by Hawker-Siddley and made less than a hundred planes. The RAF decided to buy a few with extended cockpits for trainers and a few that could be used by their RED ARROWS demo team. Some were sold to European countries but they were not purchased in large numbers.

Hindustan Aircraft Limited of India, however was licensed to build the aircraft for its air force. Fuel capacity and armament was improved and the plane, now called the AJEET (unconquerable) was used in the India- Pakistan Wars. The plane was very successful as was called the Sabre Killer by the Indian pilots. F-86 Sabre Jets were flown by Pakistan.
Thanks to Hank Bowers, John Carr and Dan Weber 
The Gnat is now finished and in the hanger on display
airplane restoration
The fuselage is cleaned and waiting to be primed and painted
restoration of airplane